Enriching the lives of seniors in assisted living and memory care facilities

Allona’s Angels is dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors in assisted living and memory care facilities by providing compassionate care, heartfelt companionship, and meaningful connections.


Facilities Supported


Christmas Smiles Provided

Our organization was born out of the recognition that seniors in these facilities deserve love, attention, and a sense of belonging. Our mission is to ensure that no senior feels forgotten, and that they continue to experience the care and affection they deserve.

Celebrate Your Loved One

Providing an avenue for community members to write seniors throughout the year expressing our continuing admiration and love for them.

It’s easy and fun for individuals, community service groups, and schools!

  • Write a heartfelt, positive letter or card for a senior or nominate a senior to receive one and lift their spirits

  • Mail them to our PO Box or bring them by our convenient Drop-Off Locations (Idaho only at this time for Drop-Off)

Expressing our admiration and love for our seniors year-round!

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Workers at facility holding up signs thanking Allonas Angels for their gift contributions
Volunteers gift wrapping donations
A large group of donors gift wrapping donations at a table
Volunteer dropping off donations with her car in the snow
Young girl hemming a blanket
Volunteers showing the gift bags and cookies they are getting ready to deliver to a facility
Facility worker loading gift bag donations onto a trolley with volunteers
Volunteers and facility workers showing off all of the donations to a facility.
Three teen boy volunteers in masks posing with their ugly sweaters
Three volunteers in face masks posing before making deliveries
Two volunteers in facemasks happily hugging
Volunteer with a vehicle fully stuffed with donations
A male volunteer amazed at all of the gift bags being delivered
A female volunteer and her little dog dropping off a trunk full of gift bag donations
Volunteers posing next to a Christmas tree surrounded by gift donations
Male and Female volunteer posing in front of a trunk filled with gift donations
A small toddler in a cart filled with stuffed animals
Two Volunteers in a car so filled with gift donations you can barely see them peeking out
Volunteer cleaning up after a gift wrapping party for a large amount of donations
Volunteers having a gift wrapping gathering in their home for donations
Volunteer in front of a vehicle and the trunk is completely filled with wrapped gifts
An image collage of many filled vehicles filled with gifts for drop off
Three people standing in front of a tree surrounded by donations they have wrapped
Pic collage of a filled trailer of gifts being dropped off to a facility
Man, woman, young girl, and their puppy all in masks, in front of a full trunk of gift bags for drop off
Volunteer in a Santa hat dropping off donations.
Male and female volunteer stuffing stockings at a wrapping party
Two females wrapping donations in an office
Female volunteer wrapping gifts at a wrapping party
Two young kids in masks guarding a room filled with gifts for donation
Large group of volunteers in masks posing for a group picture
Male and female volunteer wrapping gifts in an office
Female volunteer holding up a gift she has just finished wrapping
Female volunteer and a child posing for a photo with a bunch of wrapped gifts
Volunteer posing with large bags filled with neck pillows for donation
Volunteers setting up a stocking stuffing assembly line
Volunteers wrapping gifts in an office
Many volunteers assembling gift bags at an office wrapping party
Three volunteers with large boxes filled with gifts for drop off
Group of volunteers with a pile of boxes and blankets for wrapping
Two young boys with a pile of gift bags for drop-off
A little girl with a tote bag filled with handmade valentines
Allona with a little girl and a handmade valentine
Two volunteers delivering boxes of handmade valentines
Volunteers delivering handmade valentines
Team of volunteers showing off the handmade valentines they created
Elderly man opening up a handmade valentine with a little girl
Three little girls with an elderly woman in a wheelchair - one of the girls is getting a kiss.
Two female donors making a heart with their hands while a little girl walks under them
Donors taking pictures with the hand made valentines they made
Handmade valentines for donation
Volunteer woman and child talking with an elderly woman in a wheelchair
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We love our Angel Volunteers!

Without their time, energy and unconditional love we would not be able to accomplish all that we do.

Fantastic organganization. So proud to be able to help make clients in the care facilities have bright moments. My mother was in one of these for 9 years. The staff can’t do it all.


I contacted Trina at Allona's Angels and I told her what I was doing for my residents, her response was,"We'd love to help! How many residents do you have?". I don't know what I would done without those Angels. A lot of people probably would have said, “I'm sorry you should have reached out to us months ago”, but not this wonderful group of volunteers. THERE ARE ANGELS AMONG US!

BeckyPrestige Assisted Living at Autumn Living

This is an amazing group. Love how generous people are when they find out we are helping seniors in our community.


My grandparents were in assisted living facilities before they passed and would have loved to have gotten homemade Valentines cards and Christmas surprises. Thank you, Allona’s Angels, for ensuring that our seniors know that they are loved and not forgotten. Looking forward to many more years of meaningful engagement.

Gia StrangVolunteer

I have had the privilege of volunteering to help Allona’s Angels for 2 years now. It's very heartwarming to know that I am part of a group that are helping seniors by brightening their day. From Christmas to Valentine's to just sewing clothing covers for seniors, I truly thank you for letting me be part of your group.

Juanita Sarceda

I had the pleasure of working with Allona’s Angels this year doing some behind the scenes work, donation pick ups, and participating in the “wrapping party”. Everyone we encountered along way was amazing! The drop off locations were all so sweet and excited about the donations they had for us! Can’t wait to be a part of this again next year!

Gail JacksonMYOB Graphic Design & Virtual Assistant